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Holbein Acrylic Mediums

The best way to explain Holbein Acrylic Mediums (gels, pastes, liquids, and additives) is to explain the way a director (the mediums) tells an actor (the paint) what to do. Simply adding water to acrylics is a common misdirection. It breaks down the molecular structure, damaging and weakening the color vibrancy and its intended luster. The actor is adrift. By adding Holbein Acrylic Mediums to your paint you achieve the ultimate character you desire by extending the color volume and strengthening the paint while maintaining its inherent qualities. An Emmy is assured!

Holbein’s exceptional quality, professional-grade Acrylic Mediums are designed to meet the demands of today’s acrylic artist. Available in six varieties of pastes, seven gels, five liquid additives, and one retarder, the line offers a full range of mediums for any desired effect. Packaged in a unique polybag, the mediums can be used straight out-of-the bag or transferred into a container offering control and less waste.